The Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty


I haven't done a tag like this in such a long time, but I read this one recently over on one of my favourite beauty blogs (Porcelain Beauty) and thought it looked quite interesting - so here we go!

What is your inexpensive beauty item? What is your most expensive?

My most inexpensive items would probably be the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer (of course!) or some nail polishes that I tend to pick up on offer. As for most expensive, it's probably my custom MAC palette, some Benefit kits or the Urban Decay Naked On The Run palette (a.k.a. my life these days, it's amazing). I've been lucky enough to get these as presents over the years though (I always seem to ask for makeup on birthdays and Christmas..) so the most expensive items I've bought myself were probably foundations!

What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with? What product has been the hardest to get?

This is a tricky one - I think I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the Benefit Roller Lash mascara. I've been using it for a good while now, and can't quite figure out if I like it or not, which might sound odd, but there you go. Perhaps blush, as well, as sometimes I love adding that rosy glow to my cheeks, and other times I get really annoyed with it and can't seem to blend it the way I want to.
As regards the 'hardest to get', it's probably been some popular high street products that always seem to be sold out. It took me a long time to get the L'Oréal True Match foundation in the my shade. That, or some of the Kate / Rimmel lipsticks in the colours I want!

 What are your most delicious beauty products?

I'm not quite sure what's meant by this one.. I guess you could say the Lush lip scrubs are pretty delicious!

What beauty products do you neglect due to laziness?

Without a doubt, I tend to forgo blush and highlighter the most, because of the sheer effort they take to get just right.. Often I'll spend a good while on my eye makeup and then leave lipstick out completely and slick on some lip balm instead, because it's much easier to maintain throughout the day! Nail polish is another one - I find it hard to muster up the patience to paint my nails a lot of the time.

What beauty product gives you the most self confidence?

That would probably be eyeliner (I love this one from L'Oréal). I just love winged eyeliner, it's so classic and cool! I can't go without mascara most days, and I do love a perfectly shaped brow (or two..). Red lipstick's another definite self-confidence booster, I really love plum/berry red shades!

What products are you currently lusting over?

I've been swooning over the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette for a long time (or any of the Naked palettes, let's be honest). I also love the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette, and I could probably list a dozen lipstick and nail polish shades I'd love to try too! My beauty wishlist is pretty darn long..

What items would you most like to receive as a gift?

Any of the products on my wishlist! I am a sucker for a good palette, and I've gathered up quite a few but I'm a firm believer that you can never have too many, ahem.. Either those or some fancy skincare, because I've always wanted to try so many products from the likes of Origins and La Roche Posay. They always make wonderful presents! Any additions to my MAC palette are always welcome too..

I tag anyone who'd like to do this kind of post too - if you do, make sure to link yours below, I'd love to read them!
Ciara x

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