Insta Week #2


1 Read a really interesting piece on modern feminism in the Sunday Indo // 2 Outfit planning // 3 Catch ups in Captain America's // 4 A little Pinterest sourced motivation!

5 Haulin' // 6 Up close & personal // 7 Sorting through my wardrobe and found this little gem // 8 Strawberry pickin' on a Saturday afternoon

Happy Sunday, everyone!

This week was a bit of a mixed bag, to be honest. I went shopping in Blanchardstown with my mum and younger sister on Monday, and met two of my dearest chums for an overdue catch up. They both live all the way over in Kildare, which is a good two hour drive away from me. We don't get to see each other very much, which is kinda shit. But we had an absolutely unreeeal meal in Captain America's - their bbq chicken burger is all kinds of amazing.

I ended up ill all day Wednesday so didn't get around to doing as much work as I'd like to have. Hence, the severe lack of blog posts this week. I had to literally dust off my laptop and go on a hunt to find a charger to write this post this evening...

But I did get sharing the contents of my shopping spree on Monday, which you can read all about HERE. I was kind of bold and broke my spending ban, but that's it until Paris, I swear! In an attempt to kind of justify all of this, I've added more things to my Depop, so help a gal out and find me at 'ciarapocket'!

As for the rest of the week, it was pretty much spent mourning the fact that I wasn't at Glastonbury, and listening to Kanye West.

Let's hope things are a little more productive this week....

Ciara x

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