Insta Week #3


1 A little OOTD inspired by Ms A Chung // 2 Pwetty flowers 3 // The cutest shoes that hurt like a b*tch 4 // Revelling in the comfort of pyjama-like trousers

5 Words of wisdom // 6 Coffee and croissants at Chapter one // 7 Pretty pink and gold teacups! Want // 8 Death From Above 1979 are so. damn. good.

Another Sunday, another week of Instagram photos.

This week wasn't as productive as I'd hoped for last weekend - I did manage to ramble on about skincare on Thursday, though, and wrote a mini Dublin city guide.

I did get to go to the library (what a crazy life I lead), so expect a good few book reviews over the next month - that is, if I get around to finishing them all. I'm currently working my way through Morrissey's autobiography which got so many mixed reviews (mostly negative..) when it was published, but I'm actually really enjoying it thus far.

Anyway, more importantly: it's only two weeks until I go to Paris!!!! Next weekend's Insta Week will be much more excitably written, I can tell you now.

Until then, pray for me and motivate me to get some more blog content published in the next fortnight. I'm scraping the bottom of the inspiration barrel at this stage.

Ciara x

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