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First of all - this is probably the weirdest name I've ever heard given to a mascara, of all things. You've probably already heard of the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara when it hit retail stores last summer. It's the kind of name you don't easily forget, which is probably the point. But still...

The Perversion mascara appeared in my collection a couple of months ago, as part of Urban Decay's Naked On The Run Palette. It's marketed as being "bigger, blacker & badder" than all of its counterparts, so how does it fare out?

First impressions first: I love the sleek gunmetal casing with a slight holographic effect - it's pretty damn cool. The brush is quite thick, but is made with bristles rather than plastic, thankfully. Plastic mascara wands are a bit of a nightmare. The first few times I tried this I wasn't quite sure - the formula seemed to be quite thick and made my eyelashes look a little clumpy, so it took a backseat in my collection for a while.

Then I started trying it with my all-time favourite Clinique High Impact mascara (I'm a sucker for mixing mascaras) and the result was fantastic - whereas the Clinique mascara (now on its last legs) defined my lashes and made them look fluttery, the Urban Decay Perversion mascara added volume and length and a hell of a lot more edge. They're now my mascara dream team. Love.

However, now I've been trying it out on its own, and I'm definitely much happier with it. Mascara formulas change over time as they dry, and now Perversion seems to be slightly thinner, but completely clump-free. The effect? Natural-looking, pretty eyelashes that are lengthy and defined without the dreaded spider-leg look. Well done, Urban Decay!

The Urban Decay Perversion mascara is €21 at Debenhams

Have you tried this mascara? Thoughts?

Ciara x

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