A Slightly Different Direction..


I'm not sure if many of you guys follow me on Twitter (@ciarapollock, FYI), but earlier this week I posted a little poll (the results of which you can see above), asking your opinions on a slightly different direction for my blog..

For the longest time, I’ve debated starting a blog as Gaeilge (through the Irish language) – having fallen in love with the language again over the last six months, as well as its community and culture, I’ve been longing to use it more – particularly in my writing.

The problem is, a chairde, I can’t choose a platform – I have created the bare bones of a whole new blog for this project, but I’m not sure if that’s the direction I want to take. I do know of and read blogs that publish posts bilingually – some in English, some in Irish, depending on what they feel fits the post – and have considered this option too. I love Ciara Pocket dearly, and don’t really want to abandon it or get side-tracked away from it, and seeing as it’s a site encompassing all of the things I love and hold dear, wouldn’t it be befitting to have some Gaeilge on here too?

And before you're all like, Ciara you've literally got the results of a fricking poll there telling you what to do - the reason I'm writing about this on here is because I want your opinions. You, readers of this here blog.

Therefore, mo ghrás, the question is up to you guys: those of you who don’t speak Irish, would it matter much if I started posting the odd blog post on here through Gaeilge, or would that just be annoying? Are there many of you reading here who do have Gaeilge and would be interested in reading a seperate blog for all things Irish language? I'll obviously be writing mostly through English on here as normal, with the odd Irish language post here and there.

What do I do? Cad a dhéanfaidh mé?

I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and opinions or even just a ‘we couldn’t give a f*ck, do whatever you want’ from you guys – either in the comments below or via Twitter. Whatever form of communication you like - I'll even take postcards.

Plssss let me know what your thoughts are, even if you don’t care (especially if you don’t care), because I don’t want to start publishing stuff you have no interest in, and thus having you guys lose interest in my blog. 

Grá mhór / much love,

Ciara x

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